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Is there a specific size you need to fit into a particular space? If not, simply put N/A. (If you need a specific size, please remember to account for when you have to get the piece framed!)
Are you working with a specific budget and what is it? *Shipping is separate, so if you would like the shipping cost included in your budget please state so.
If you need it by a specific date, please share that date here. If not, please reply N/A. (The desired date will then be discussed once it is reviewed with already scheduled work)
Do you have a particular landscape or details in mind you would like in the painting? Is this for a specific occasion? Is it a gift? If not, simply put: Whatever you decide to make!

*** Please note that Jillian currently does not provide framing for pieces. If you would like to request she get it framed for you, please note that it will take extra time and you are responsible for the framing cost. If framing is requested, Jillian will then provide you with a receipt of framing available to her at the time.

*** Please also note that Jillian is not responsible for paying for shipping expenses unless you specifically requested it within your budget.