Impressions From Space

Where the inspiration for Space grew:

Growing up, Space was often a topic of conversation because my dad worked with satellites and would often point out the orbiting lights in the night’s sky while talking about various facts regarding Space and its relation with Earth.

This giant landscape of incredible activity suspended above my head always fascinated me. The hard-to-perceive, yet very real entity that our planet is just cradled in. 

Space. This giant, vast place that we know so little about. Where does it end? How big is it really? Is there life elsewhere, and what would it be like? Is it really like the scenes in Star Wars or Star Trek? What’s the sound like near different phenomena, planets, blast from newborn stars?

From the beginning, I was highly infatuated with Space and all of the different activities going on within it. I even wrote in some of my diaries about how I wanted to be an astronaut one day. Over the years, I started to feed my curiosity for Space by digging my nose into magazines, books, shows and online photos/articles… and for those who know me well, Ancient Aliens. Part of me still wants to be able to fly up out of the Earth’s atmosphere and see beyond with my own eyes, but until then, life has led me to explore in different ways, through art. 

The creation of this piece:

Here, through reconstruction and deconstruction, I have created an impression of the Sharpless 2-106 Nebula. The nebula itself exhibits the death of a star blasting elements out into the universe, contributing to the creation of new stars and planets.

Through the process of making this piece, I had been thinking a lot about life, death, and rebirth. Not in a physical, literal sense, but as a way of life, a way of thinking. It had me thinking about obstacles I have experienced and pressures I have felt at one point or another. These moments ended up making me stronger, and in a sense, they have pushed me to redefine and refine my new, desirable reality. 

These experiences built up so much energy within me that they forced me to blast my wings out, like Sharpless 2-106, into Space and begin the development of new beginnings.

What I want it to do for you:

I hope that when you look at this piece, it helps remind you of the incredible energy you feel when you know you are about to change your life.




Welcome to the newest addition to the website, Impressions: The “Blog”


If you don’t know me personally, I am an visual artist from Southern California who specializes in painting and drawing.

I have been drawing and painting since I can remember, but I didn’t really start to pursue a career in the arts until I went to college at the University of Hawai’i. After receiving my art degree (with a focus in painting), I was accepted into a Masters program at Cambridge School of Arts in England. There, I was working with a lot of smaller work and digital illustration. While working on many projects at the desk, I decided I wanted to get back into my larger-scale work. So, I started working on larger pieces again.

Now, here I am building my career in art, nearing 30 years old with an obsession in painting/drawing.


I happen to believe that EVERYONE can be creative.

I also believe that creativity is important to the well-being of us humans and that it is something that can be planted, nurtured and grown. SOOOOO, I thought it would be great to start building a little community of creativity advocates…. like yourself. And guess what? You don’t have to be a professional by any means!

On this website, I wanted to have a platform where I can share a wide range of topics like daily creative exercises, how-tos, tips, concepts, and techniques and then have discussions about them with all of you.

Creativity is much easier to express when you realize all the different ways you can express it and I hope this inspires you to do so.

I look forward to exploring these topics with you and thank you for your support, always!

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Until next time!