It's Personal: Art that reflects you

Hello, my friends!

I thought we could just jump in and reflect a little bit on the concept of art in the home and workspace. This can be helpful for those who want to work on giving their space some personal touches, and it can also be beneficial for artists who want their work to be more useful to people.

I have a question before we get to the next step, though… Would you go buy pictures of random people at the store and put them up in your home or office?… I hope your answer is no because that would be a little creepy.

Can you start to see where I am going with this?

If you wouldn’t put pictures up that are not personal to you, why would you put up artwork that isn’t personal to you?

I have found that if an artwork (no matter what medium it is) provides one or more of these for you, it just might be personal enough for your space:

  1. Inspiration- something that builds momentum within you and inspires you to be the best you or live your best life.

  2. Motivation- something that helps you remember an important message for your life’s journey on a different level than just words.

  3. Emotion- Something that moves you emotionally and evokes a feeling.

  4. Meditation- Something that helps you escape, focus your attention and slow down the mind. Or something that just provides you with a feeling of peace.

  5. Reflection- a piece that helps you articulate your life experiences in ways that words cannot or helps you look back on something important to you.

  6. Question- Something that provides you with a question, whether it be about politics, love, culture, life experiences, etc.

Now, everyone experiences art differently. One painting could mean the most profound epiphany to one person while it can just be a lovely picture to someone else. The fun is in discovering what your taste and voice is. Similar to fashion, one can express their personal taste through the art they create or buy.

Having something like artwork that means something to you in your daily life, can give you the opportunity to find those moments that “elevate” each day. Not to mention, artwork can be great ice-breakers for more meaningful conversations that add to the richness of life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Let me know if you think there are more and share why:)

Have a great weekend!